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Louis Fanfiction

In My Veins: Part I

2:37 pm

All normal noises had ceased. There were no footsteps, no heels clacking against the granite flooring, no doors swinging open and shut, no sounds of pens against the marble counters writing out deposit slips, no pleasantries being passed back and forth between tellers and customers. Silence. The only sounds being made were that of a primal fear. A single pair of feet walking back and forth. The sound of the new air conditioner installed earlier that week.  The sound of hushed breathing. And the sound of one muttered voice, speaking directly to me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay.”

Louis kept on repeating that over and over, struggling to me calm. It was all I could do to focus on the low register of his voice saying that everything was going to be fine. I futilely tried to keep my body from shaking from the violent tremors traveling up and down my spine. I have always had trouble keeping my nerves in check. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on.  Now was no exception.  I kept my eyes locked on Louis’s, head tilted low, looking at him through my eyelashes. My breathing became shallow and my lips parted, trying to inhale more oxygen. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t breathe, it was getting so hard to breathe, why couldn’t I breathe? The blood wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The tile was cold and unforgiving against my knees. Louis was on his knees too, about five feet away from me, unable to close the distance.

I don’t know how I got here. I don’t know how this could happen to me. I don’t really know anything anymore except that this was sure to be the end. The end of everything.

My focus was shattered by the maniacal laughing of the guy with the gun walking back and forth in front of me, limply flicking the handgun with his wrist at the two of us. ”You think everything’s going to be okay?” Another burst of abrupt laughter and then a gentle shake of his head. “Oh no. No, no. Until I get what is rightfully mine, nothing is going to be okay anymore. Not for you two. Not for any of you,” he allowed graciously, looking around him.   

I kept staring at Louis. It was surprisingly easy to not focus on the fully loaded black semi-automatic being waved directly at me. Because I could die at any given moment, I wanted the last thing I saw on earth to be Louis. That would be the only terrible sweetness that could come of this situation. The gunman looked sarcastically confused. “Why isn’t she crying?” he asked Louis curiously, pointing at me carelessly with the barrel of his gun. “What does a guy need to do to make a girl cry these days, you know, bro? What? Do I need to shoot her?” Within the next second, I feel the cold metal press roughly against my temple, pushing my head down and to the side forcefully. I inadvertently let out an involuntary scream. So this is death, my subconscious whispered underneath my sudden sounds of desperation and pitiful terror.

“Whoa, whoa! Hey!” Louis shouted instantly, trying to get the gunman to look at him and take the gun off me. “Yo! She didn’t do anything, we haven’t done anything.”

“Don’t! Don’t please, please, don’t please don’t, please,” I begged desperately, tears leaking out of my eyes still locked on Louis. The gunman kept his focus and gun trained on my head, watching the tears slowly slide down my cheek, one by one, in a morbid and serious fascination. I watched Louis’s panicked face as the gunman kept staring at the side of my head, his finger resting lightly on the trigger. There was a pause. A very, very pregnant pause as I counted what was sure to be the last of my heartbeats. I closed my eyes and it was like I could feel the muscles in his finger pulling.

Goodbye, Louis. I loved you, you know.

“Sh-shoot me, shoot me” Louis blurted out. My eyes fly open, watching his eyes flickering rapidly between the two of us. “You said you want to be remembered, yeah? Then shoot me.” Louis looked out of breath as he rambles on, “People, they care about me. Nobody’s gonna remember her, she’s a nobody. I’m – I’m the one that’s gonna get your name in the papers. So shhh – shoot me.” 

A/N - This was Part I of the Louis fanfic. let me know what you think of it y’all xx

The other parts are right here :

Literally THE best fanfiction I’ve ever read . It sparked so many emotions and feelings in me . I just . I’m speechless .

WE DID IT !!!!!!!

We did it guys . We did it on their anniversary . Proud . I don’t care if we get a follow spree or a Twitcam . I’m just proud we can achieve things for the boys and make them proud . We just proved to them we love them . We just proved we’re loyal and we’re really , the best fans in the world . I love my fellow Directioners , and I love the boys . We did it guys , we did it . :’)

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